P.S. Shonda

P.S. Shonda

I honestly didn’t think it could get worse than last week’s uncalled for (and ordinary) death of Derek. I thought your 2 hour special the week afterwards would pay tribute to the character that, along with Meredith, made the show. A character that nearly ALL of the show’s fans LOVED for 11 seasons. A 2 hour episode for us, and the other characters, to grieve the loss of Derek Shepherd. A second chance for you to make us all ugly cry for inappropriate amounts of times. Cristina should have been there to support Meredith. Addison there for Amelia and to pay her respects to a man she loved and for which she would always have a special place in her heart. If you weren’t going to make his death epic, then his funeral should have been.

Well, I was dead wrong, wasn’t I? Seriously?! Seriously? You thought the fans, who made you who you are today, deserved to not even be invited to McDreamy’s funeral? That in less than 15 minutes, the funeral was over and it was already over a month after Derek’s death with barely any dialogue, grief or tears (by the characters or the viewers). And then during the following hour and forty-five minutes to fast forward nearly a year after his death with little to no real acknowledgment of Derek’s death. Rude. And insulting to the fans, Derek Shepherd and Patrick Dempsey in the process. That is what you thought was a good follow-up to last week’s horribly written episode? I think that you may have lost what made you so special. You have lost your mojo if this is the crap you are going to offer the fans who have followed you for over 10 years on one show.

Luckily, this terrible episode played out more like a series finale than anything, albeit a disappointing one, so not tuning into next week’s episode will be easier than anticipated. Thanks for killing my favorite show in less than half an hour, and then beating it down some more in last night’s episode. You should be embarrassed.

Enjoy the carousel, Shonda. I wouldn’t want to be on your ride.

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