Hi! I am Sarah Born, a wife, a mommy, a photographer, a blogger and an attorney. January 1, 2015 marked my first day home with my littles, and becoming an official work-at-home mommy, and the start of the #180in2015. I quit my job as an employment litigation attorney to stay home with my babies, Lucas (now 5 years old) and Madeline (now 3 years old). At the same time, my hubs went back to work after being home with the kiddos since day one! Jeremy opened a gun store, Hyperion Arms and Ammo, I am working on my photography business, Sarah Born Photography and I also started a document and blog writing services business for photographers, Art Forms. Oh yeah, at the same time, we also moved out to the country into a log home.

Here is a peek into my journey of Becoming Domesticated. Come follow me for what I guarantee will be trials, tribulations, laughs and more!




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