The Trouble with Straw Cups

I am confused. I thought we sent a man to the moon like before I was born. And lord knows, that was a long time ago. I mean, before there was Google and cell phones, a man walked on the moon. We propelled a human being into outer space and he landed on the moon, took a walk and made it back to Earth. In one piece.

And yet, humankind cannot develop a straw cup that doesn’t leak. WTF. It isn’t rocket science, is it? And even if it is, we sent a man to the moon in the 1970s so this shouldn’t be an issue.

I collect straw cups because I am determined to find one the doesn’t leak. Most do. One has come close to not. And if you have found one that doesn’t, please, for the love of all things holy, or should we say leaky, please share with me!

The brand that probably ticks me off the most? Camelbak. I mean aren’t they like known for on-the-go drinking devices for the very active? And these cups are not cheap – $10 and up for a kids cup that leaks terribly is ridiculous. And when I say it leaks, I mean it freakin’ leaks.


Case in point. Not even 15 minutes after I set it down for my 4 year old son, and he was miraculously sitting quietly during that time, this is what happens. Now, imagine that in your kid’s backpack or even worse, your purse.


Camelbak = #fail

Munchkin. They are cheap and easy to find at Wal-Mart, Target and Babies r Us. But they inevitably leak at the top of the straw. A quick twist of the top usually sucks the liquid back in but if you don’t catch it in time it overflows like Mount St. Helen.


And just forget the cheap festive cups with straws from Target. I always get convinced into getting them for the kids only to secretly throw them out a week later.

So far, the closet I have come to the perfect, leak proof straw cup is Contigo’s Striker cup. They are comparable in price to Camelbak but only seem to leak when they get too hot. Like when left the car. This summer, we have only had a couple days hot enough in WNY to cause them to leak in the house. They are also much easier to clean than Camelbak. However, there is a rubber ring seal in the tops that has come out in at least 3 of our cups and it is a pain in the rear to get it back in. And I suspect the hubs, not realizing you can fix them, has thrown away a top. I recently bought a Contigo Gizmo, and had high, high hopes for it based on its straw mechanism but we have already had several leaks.  So the Striker is still an imperfect number 1 here in the Born house.


But seriously, we sent a man to the moon.

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